Fitted Sheets (Std. Selection)

Using a flat or fitted sheet on your bedding is a personal choice.

What’s the Difference?

The main thing that separates a fitted sheet from a flat sheet are the elastic corners at all four ends. This tends to be the style you’ll find in most common bedding sets. A flat sheet on the other hand doesn’t have elastic, but instead is a flat rectangular shape designed to fold easily and lay totally flat on the surface.

The standard pocket size is 14” which will adequately fit over most mattresses, however we do offer an 18” deep pocket (in White or Ivory) and other pocket depths can be custom ordered. A full list of our standard sheet sizes can be found here.

When used alone, fitted sheets protect the mattress and serve as a primary top layer for you to sleep on (unless you have a mattress pad beneath them).

Fitted Sheets (Std. Selection)
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