About Us

Schweitzer Linen has been established as the premier supplier of high quality, luxury linens in Manhattan, NY for over 51 years. 30 years ago, we began a direct-mail catalog containing a small selection of our vast inventory. Over the years this has grown to be a welcomed and highly anticipated publication. The catalog enables us to reach out to a larger audience than our retail stores, and we have developed a large and loyal following as each new customer discovers a quality, price and service beyond compare.

In 1999 we became one of the first retailers to set up a true e-commerce store on the web. While we made a significant number of changes to the web site over the years, we have now given the old girl a complete makeover. Now, revitalized, refreshed and mobile-friendly, we are proud to have a website built on the foundation of tomorrows programming technologies. Now we will be able to keep making improvements and adding useful features all the while giving you a simple, easy, fast, and enjoyable way of experiencing Schweitzer Linen's in your own home.

If you need something not currently featured, please contact us directly.

One of our great strengths is the ability to produce a fully customized product. We can take your color schemes and design ideas and execute them to give your master bedroom, your guest rooms or your dining table the stunning effect you are looking for - all with the finest fabric it is possible to find. All custom work is discussed and quoted beforehand. As a family owned-and-run business that has grown out of old-world roots, when craftsmanship was recognized as an art, and the source of the family's greatest pride, our greatest pleasure is to bring you the very special linens and lingerie you are seeking for your home.

Each year we search around the world to find ever more beautiful fabrics, more exquisite workmanship with more elegant designs than ever before. Always, each of the items we have selected has the aesthetic appeal and superior quality that speaks to your own appreciation for the finer things in life. Our intention is to make your visit to Schweitzer Linen as easy, comprehensive and enjoyable as possible.

As a family business, your satisfaction is paramount and we would love to hear from you. If you have comments or suggestions about the site, please let us know by clicking on the "Feedback" tab at the left edge of your browser window. If you have enjoyed your visit, please pass our URL address along to friends and family.

Many thanks for visiting.

Robert & Yvonne Schweitzer.