Lace: A Sumptuous History 1600s–1900s Part 1

14 October 2015
[caption id="attachment_2247" align="aligncenter" width="378"] Princess Alice (1843–78) 1861 Painted by Franz Xaver Winterhalter (1805–73) England Royal Collection © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II[/caption] Lace, a...
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The Opulence of Cashmere

6 October 2015
One of my passions as a fashion designer is to design the softest scarves and throws, robes and cardigans. What is the softest yarn that...
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Holiday Table Linens

30 September 2015
As the heat of the summer fades and the leaves start to turn, our focus turns to the upcoming holidays starting soon with Hanukkah straight...
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The Victorian Silver Tea Set

27 September 2015
A Brief History of English Teatime Tradition Being half British, every day at four o’clock in the afternoon at Granny and Grandpa’s house, tea was...
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