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Blanket Covers

Schweitzer Linen’s wide selection of blanket covers include lush quilted sateen, textured piqué, elegant embroideries, opulent jacquard damask,delightful printed percales, easy-care cotton/poly with eyelet borders, crisp seersucker, and more. The perfect way to dress up your bed at night when the bedspread is removed, blanket covers help keep blankets clean and fresh. Beautifully designed and expertly tailored, Schweitzer’s blanket covers and matching shams also serve as decorative mini bedcovers that give you utmost luxury and incredible value for your money.
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Hampton CourtHampton Court

Cotton, Sateen, 300-599
Clean, crisp, three line embroidery is underlined with a narrow zigzag finish and flanged for simple elegance. Pure White, 300 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen is incomparably soft. Imported from Italy in Beige, Blue, White, Gray, Yellow, Pink, Black, Hunter Green, Red, Navy, Burgundy,...
Reg. $ 120 - $ 875
Sale $ 80 - $ 600

Sienne ScallopsSienne Scallops

Cotton, Piqué, Sateen, 300-599
Exquisite 300 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen is elaborately chain embroidered and scalloped. Imported from Italy, in Red, Peach, Light Green, Hunter Green, Pink, White, Beige, Yellow, Blue, Navy on White or Brown on Light Blue. Other colors of embroidery or Sateen are available at...
Reg. $ 120 - $ 875
Sale $ 80 - $ 600


Cotton, Polyester
A collection of seersucker blanket covers, dust ruffles and matching shams are delicately trimmed with White eyelet on gentle hues of White, Ivory, Cloud Blue, Green, Petal or Blush. Plain or monogrammed, a traditional indulgence that is extremely pleasing to the eye. Made in the USA of...
Reg. $ 75 - $ 260
Sale $ 50 - $ 165

Lovable 21Lovable 21

Cotton, Percale
This new design is based on our idea that "2 hearts beat as 1" and feature a multitude of entwined hearts printed in Pink or Blue on finest White 100% cotton percale. Made in Italy with carefree scalloped edges and all the carefully tailored niceties you have come to expect. There is no prettier...
Reg. $ 70 - $ 440
Sale $ 50 - $ 340


Cotton, Polyester
Fresh White pique is scalloped and piped in soft tones to complement any well dressed bed. Made in the USA of polyester/cotton and trimmed in Blue, Pink, White, Peach or Beige.
Reg. $ 80 - $ 250
Sale $ 55 - $ 170

Trafalgar SquareTrafalgar Square

Cotton, Piqué, Sateen, 600-799
Contemporary charm with roots in the past. polished White Egyptian cotton sateen, 600 thread count, woven in Italy, pays homage to time-honored arts: with lovingly hand-embroidered cobblestone blocks in three shades of Grey, Beige or Blue, and ingenious hand-worked hemstitching. Imported,...
Reg. $ 110 - $ 825
Sale $ 60 - $ 525

Maria LouisaMaria Louisa

Even at first sight, this exquisite matelassé will deepen your appreciation for the high level of centuries-old craftsmanship it exhibits. Woven in Portugal of heavyweight 100% pre-shrunk cotton, in Beige or White, the elegance is magnified by design, with sculptural paisley...
Reg. $ 70 - $ 305
Sale $ 40 - $ 205


Cotton, Seersucker
The coolest defense against global warming or body heat, 100% cotton seersucker is a refreshing change for a good night's sleep. Made in Portugal, woven with crisp, fresh stripes in Blue or Beige with White, it recalls summers when the world’s leisure class made seersucker fashions...
Reg. $ 70 - $ 260
Sale $ 40 - $ 155

Fifth AvenueFifth Avenue

Cotton, Sateen, 300-599
Reading between the lines of our printed pinstripes, impeccable style and meticulous tailoring are written all over this bright White Egyptian cotton sateen, 300 thread count. Made in Italy with bourdon stitching on the borders, striped in Yellow, Pink/Green, Dark Blue/Light Blue, Gray/Charcoal,...
Reg. $ 90 - $ 650
Sale $ 50 - $ 425

Poppies In BloomPoppies In Bloom

Cotton, Piqué, Sateen, 600-799
An interior designer'’s dream, brilliant Red poppies in all their splendor on majestic tall stems, are faithfully embroidered by hand on shimmering White Egyptian cotton sateen, 600 thread count woven in Italy. Imported, with hand hemstitching and mitered corners on carefully tailored...
Reg. $ 110 - $ 900
Sale $ 70 - $ 575


Cotton, Piqué, Sateen, 600-799
As intricate as ornamental filigree work in precious gold, artful embroidery intertwines vines of tiny flowering leaves on smoothest 600 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen woven in Italy. Tailored to please the most discerning eye, with hemstitching and generous knife-edged flanges,...
Reg. $ 90 - $ 875
Sale $ 60 - $ 575
Special Close-out prices. NOTE: Some items may have limited availability in colors and/or sizes.


Cotton, Sateen, 600-799
The sublime calm of White dots and diamonds embroidered on Ivory surrounded by White, is a classic for all time. Made of pure 100% Egyptian cotton sateen, 600 thread count, woven in Italy, the refinement of design is enhanced by hemstitching and natty flanges. Also available are matching...
Reg. $ 110 - $ 825
Sale $ 60 - $ 525


Cotton, Percale
As fresh as the dawn of a new day, crisp White cotton percale blanket covers and shams are edged with wide and wonderful scalloped overlays of charming eyelet embroidery, where cut out circles and squares form delightful petal-like illusions. Crafted in Portugal, to transform any bed into...
Reg. $ 70 - $ 280
Sale $ 45 - $ 180

La ScalaLa Scala

Cotton, Piqué
The impeccable look of a well-groomed bed is instantly achieved with our meticulously mannered blanket covers and shams from Italy. Crafted with refined simplicity in White, 100% cotton pique, the crisp textural interest is ever so softly enhanced by marvelous embroidered scallops in...
Reg. $ 130 - $ 400
Sale $ 75 - $ 300

Bon VoyageBon Voyage

Cotton, Piqué, Sateen, 600-799
The polished look of perfection even an Admiral would love. A sunlit expanse of bright White Egyptian cotton sateen, 600 thread count woven in Italy, presents a commanding view of a see-worthy Navy/Blue anchor and rope, embroidered stitch by stitch by hand. Precisely tailored with knife-edge...
Reg. $ 80 - $ 725
Sale $ 50 - $ 495


Cotton, 300-599
Elegant simplicity of 100% Egyptian cotton sateen, 300 thread count, surrounds you with a soft touch and warm glow in White, Peach, Pink, Yellow, Mist Green, Gray, Ivory, Mocca, Chocolate, Smoke Blue, or Light Blue. Plushy quilted bedcovers and matching shams are immaculately tailored...
Reg. $ 120 - $ 650
Sale $ 70 - $ 395


Cotton, Sateen, 300-599
The pristine look and elegant luster of Ivory Egyptian cotton sateen, 300 thread count, is doubly enhanced by the plush quilting of squares within squares. Made in Portugal with craftsmanship that would have made colonial quilters proud, the beauty and appeal of these shams and blanket...
Reg. $ 100 - $ 500
Sale $ 65 - $ 380


Cotton, Sateen
White, Egyptian cotton sateen, is richly quilted in a classic vermicelli pattern and scalloped immaculately in White, Pink, Blue or Lavender. Imported from Italy, the bedcovers and matching shams indulge your senses and become an inspiration for your sweetest dreams.
Reg. $ 100 - $ 500
Sale $ 65 - $ 395


Cotton, Sateen, 300-599
A lovely leafy vine highlighted by contrasting fine lines, is tastefully embroidered on silky-soft pure Egyptian cotton sateen, 300 thread count. Crafted in Italy with an eye for elegance, the delightful look and luxury feel are captured in Green on effervescent White.
Reg. $ 120 - $ 875
Sale $ 80 - $ 600

Diamante Quilted LinensDiamante Quilted Linens

Cotton, Sateen, 300-599
Very posh, fine Egyptian cotton sateen, 300 thread count, glows with rich, many-faceted diamond quilting in White and scalloped in White, Blue or Gray. Bedcovers and matching shams are made in Italy with you and your home in mind.
Reg. $ 100 - $ 500
Sale $ 65 - $ 395


Cotton, Sateen, 300-599
The rich luster of our extraordinary 100% Egyptian cotton sateen, 300 thread count, gets a glowing tribute from intertwined chains and jewel-like floral clasps of Yellow, Blue, Green or Cherry Pink embroidery on a flawless field of White. Imported from Italy, with exquisitely scalloped...
Reg. $ 180 - $ 1,200
Sale $ 100 - $ 780

Palacio RoyalePalacio Royale

Cotton, Piqué, Sateen, 600-799
As decorative on your bed as a finely etched border on a palatial wall, intricate Beige embroidery is crafted by talented hands on luminous White Egyptian cotton sateen, 600 thread count, from Italy. Imported, with refined finishing touches of hand hemstitching, it has a presence that sets...
Reg. $ 130 - $ 950
Sale $ 70 - $ 650

Soho LoftSoho Loft

Silk, Velvet
Bringing a new dimension to luxurious living, super posh shams and reversible quilts are highlighted by hand-quilted squares of lush silk velvet, backed by luscious pure silk. Imported in Cream with Ivory or softest Green/Green, the hand stitching divulges true elegance to discerning...
Reg. $ 140 - $ 1,200
Sale $ 80 - $ 750


Cotton, Polyester
The carefree spirit of our waffle-textured blanket covers and shams comes from the very fiber of their being: a marvelous easy-care blend of polyester and cotton that is truly free of care. Made in the U.S.A. in Ivory, Yellow, Peach, White, Blue or Green, the diminutive diamond pattern weave...
Reg. $ 60 - $ 200
Sale $ 35 - $ 150


Cotton, Damask, 300-599
Incredible texture creates depth, amplifies richness and entices you to reach out, touch and wrap yourself in its splendor. Long staple, 100% Egyptian cotton is woven in this regal 480 thread count Damask design in luxurious tones of Dark Salmon, Mocha, Cream or White. Produced in Italy...
Reg. $ 260 - $ 1,500
Sale $ 160 - $ 1,100

Snow WhiteSnow White

Silk, Velvet
Shimmering like moonlight, 100% pure silk is artfully embroidered by hand with falling snowflakes, framed by softest hand-stitched cotton velvet, to create the most heavenly shams and cloud-soft quilts. Imported in contrasting colors as shown, both the shams and quilts are backed with...
Reg. $ 140 - $ 1,200
Sale $ 80 - $ 750
Special Close-out prices. NOTE: Some items may have limited availability in colors and/or sizes.


Cotton, Percale
As joyful as a lazy day in the country with the one you love, this wonderfully soft printed percale of 100% cotton, breezily shows off brilliant Yellow poppies in all their glory, on a field of freshest White. Made in Italy with the utmost care, skillfully taped edges of generously proportioned...
Reg. $ 100 - $ 130
Sale $ 70 - $ 95
Close. $ 50 - $ 75


Cotton, Damask, Sateen, 300-599
The richness of pure 480 thread count Egyptian cotton superbly woven in lustrous sateen damask reverberates with the spirit of artistry and craftsmanship of master artisans. Aristocratic flanged edges carefully mitered perfectly complement regal Peonies and Parrot Tulips as they shimmer...
Reg. $ 120 - $ 900
Sale $ 80 - $ 675


The elegance of simplicity is superbly captured in these indispensable blanket covers and shams. Crafted with purity of style in a fascinating diamond-shaped waffle weave of 100% Egyptian cotton from Italy, the flawless look extends to the very edge of bountiful and beautiful embroidered...
Reg. $ 110 - $ 595
Sale $ 50 - $ 395
Special Offer


Cotton, Piqué, Sateen, 600-799
Looking like macramé from a craftsman'’s studio, artistic inserts of uncommonly beautiful Gray Italian lace perfectly complement 600 thread count, White Egyptian cotton sateen with a silken glow. Made in Italy, with tailoring that exhibits its own kind of artistry, the same...
Reg. $ 140 - $ 900
Sale $ 80 - $ 575


Cotton, Sateen, 300-599
Style and substance come together as never before in lush, luxurious quilted diamonds of shimmering 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen. Imported from Italy in White, Ivory, Pink, Mocha, Smoke Blue, or Mist Green, with diamond-stitched highlights and generously scalloped edges,...
Reg. $ 140 - $ 650
Sale $ 55 - $ 360


Like the timeless beauty of a rare art piece, these elegant blanket covers and matching shams are guaranteed to never go out of style. Bring textured elegance to any bedroom with the diamond waffle all-over design in white with ivory or ivory with white and a knife edged flange border. Exquisitely...
Reg. $ 120 - $ 625
Sale $ 60 - $ 425

Crème FraîcheCrème Fraîche

Cotton, Sateen
With extraordinary style and substance, our diamond-quilted blanket cover is made in Italy of pristine White Egyptian cotton sateen, adorned with the pure simplicity of classic four-line embroidery in Black and Gray. Matching shams with button enclosures share the expert tailoring...
Reg. $ 160 - $ 900
Sale $ 100 - $ 695


Cotton, Sateen, 300-599
Very posh, our paisley-stitched quilting brings a lofty elegance to luminous silk-like sateen of 300 thread count, pure Egyptian cotton in White, Daffodil, Ivory or Blue. Impressively tailored in Italy, with gracefully scalloped edges, these artfully quilted bedcovers and shams have...
Reg. $ 140 - $ 725
Sale $ 80 - $ 525

Queen AnneQueen Anne

A perennial favorite since the 1700s, this matelassé brings its unique sculptural beauty to our newest blanket covers and shams. Made in Italy of richly textured woven cotton in an all-over pattern of flowery medallions, the elegant design is matched by elegant tailoring. Ivory...
Reg. $ 90 - $ 400
Sale $ 45 - $ 250


Cotton, Sateen, 300-599
Very posh, the finest Egyptian cotton sateen, 320 thread count, glows from within to flatter you with marvelously rich, many-faceted diamond quilting, in Green, Blue, Ivory, Olive, Gold or White. Made in Italy, with exceptional attention to detail, these very special bedcovers and matching...
Reg. $ 140 - $ 810
Sale $ 80 - $ 525


Cotton, Sateen, 300-599
300 thread count, pure White, 100% Egyptian cotton sateen is shamelessly soft to soothe your senses. Embroidered in Italy with classical arches in Blue, Pink, Mist Green or Yellow with precise mitered corners and flange-edged perfection.
Reg. $ 160 - $ 1,500
Sale $ 110 - $ 975
Showing items: 1 - 37 of 37


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