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Luxury Bedding - Italian Bed Linens

Schweitzer Linen features the finest and most comprehensive selection of bed linens currently available on the web.Most of our linens are unique to Schweitzer,created exclusively for us(and you)by the most innovative and most skillful manufacturers on earth.From fiber to finish,we make it our business to bring you the very highest quality- at prices that belie the luxury and elegance of every item we sell.As our savvy customers know,there is no better value anywhere for similar products compared to ours.
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Trés JoliTrés Joli

Cotton, Sateen, 300-599
As sweet as a goodnight kiss, happiness is printed all over 100% pure Egyptian cotton sateen, 300 thread count, with streaming ribbons and bows of Navy or Beige on White. Made in Italy with utmost care in every detail, the joyful look is delightfully edged with tiny embroidered scallops galore.
Reg. $ 80 - $ 450
Sale $ 50 - $ 350

Dynasty Down PillowsDynasty Down Pillows

Cotton, Goose Down, Silk, 800-999
More than a pillow to dream on, these signature Schweitzer Linen pillows are the ones that dreams are made of. Filled with finest European white goose down of extraordinary 700+ loft power, they are incredibly soft, as comfy as can be, and elegantly covered with a lustrous silk and cotton blend...
Reg. $ 90 - $ 340
Sale $ 60 - $ 240

Bed Bug ProtectorsBed Bug Protectors

No need to fear the bedbugs will bite. For maximum protection against bedbugs, dust mites and allergens, this unique fabric: Cotton Jersey on top with a waterproof bottom barrier, fully encases your mattress with an impermeable barrier. Combined with an exclusive zipper lock system, it...
Reg. $ 15 - $ 160
Sale $ 10 - $ 110


Cotton, Percale, 600-799
When the flowing style of art nouveau meets the artistry and finesse of hand embroidery, the breathtaking result is this gorgeous shadow-stitched floral. Framed by delicate hemstitching fastidiously done by hand, it’s deftly executed on finest 600 thread count Egyptian cotton...
Reg. $ 110 - $ 800
Sale $ 70 - $ 550


Cotton, Sateen, 300-599
With a flourish of Aqua or Orange streamers our beribboned print turns lustrous 300 thread count White Egyptian cotton sateen into a winning new look for any décor. Impeccably made in Italy, where tailoring is prized for attention to every detail, it’s beautifully finished...
Reg. $ 85 - $ 460
Sale $ 50 - $ 360


Cotton, Sateen, 300-599
Derived from the 6oo-year-old art of glazed Azulejo tiles in Portugal, this lovely Pink or Blue print brings an exciting new look to today’s décor. Made in Italy of finest Egyptian cotton sateen, 300 thread count, with its own naturally soft and silken glaze, it’s precisely...
Reg. $ 90 - $ 475
Sale $ 50 - $ 375


Damask, Sateen
A voluptuous scroll design defines the luxurious aura that emanates from this exclusive ensemble. Made in Italy in lush shades of Taupe, the duvet covers, euros and boudoir shams are of opulent 500 thread count damask. Flat sheets, neckrolls, king and standard shams are 300 thread count...
Reg. $ 110 - $ 750
Sale $ 70 - $ 525

Wisteria Lane 2014Wisteria Lane 2014

Cotton, Sateen, 300-599
As exquisite as this print is, the true beauty of it comes from the hand-painted look of every flower and leaf and the artistic mix of gorgeous colors. Printed on the finest pure White Egyptian cotton sateen, 300 thread count, it’s a breathtaking sight to behold. Made in Italy with taped...
Reg. $ 85 - $ 460
Sale $ 50 - $ 360


Cotton, Sateen, 300-599
As unique as your one and only, lustrous Egyptian cotton sateen, 300 thread count, gives you much to love at first sight (and every glance thereafter), in this exclusive print design. Made in Italy in shades of Blue, accented with rich bourdon stitching, it’s tailored with the niceties...
Reg. $ 90 - $ 475
Sale $ 50 - $ 375


Cotton, Sateen, 600-799
Recalling intricate Coptic motifs from ancient royal abodes, Rich Navy embroidery adds a distinguished touch of luxury to pristine White Egyptian cotton sateen, 600 thread count. Elegantly crafted in Italy, with refined bourdon stitching on precisely tailored flanges, the beauty of...
Reg. $ 160 - $ 850
Sale $ 100 - $ 595

Fleur IndigoFleur Indigo

Cotton, Percale, 600-799
Like an exquisitely cultivated garden, a breathtaking array of long-stemmed flowers is stunningly shadow-stitched by incredibly talented hand embroiderers. Skillfully done in Blue with Green on sumptuous 600 thread count, pure White Egyptian cotton percale from Italy, the end result...
Reg. $ 110 - $ 800
Sale $ 70 - $ 550

Coral SeaCoral Sea

Cotton, Percale, 600-799
The incomparable beauty of Coral from the Caribbean is replicated here in exquisite hand embroidery on finest 600 thread count, 100% pure cotton percale from Italy. Artfully rendered on a sunlit sea of brilliant White, the gently shaded au naturel branches are impeccably bordered by expert...
Reg. $ 130 - $ 850
Sale $ 80 - $ 550


Cotton, Sateen, 300-599
The art of subtlety is at its best in this soft print with just a hint of tint. Made in Italy of 100% Egyptian cotton sateen, 300 thread count, it’s ever so lightly embellished with a wavy motif in gently flowing watery shades of Yellow or Purple, softly detailed with embroidered scalloped...
Reg. $ 80 - $ 450
Sale $ 50 - $ 350


Damask, Sateen, 300-599
Capturing the beauty of the night in a palette of rarefied colors, our exclusive Blue paisley damask deepens the elegant allure of this ensemble. Duvet covers, euros and boudoir shams are luxurious paisley damask, 500 thread count. Flat sheets, neckroll, king and standard shams are 100%...
Reg. $ 140 - $ 900
Sale $ 85 - $ 625

St. GeorgesSt. Georges

Cotton, Organdy, Sateen, 300-599
As light as butterfly wings, silk organdy overlays of Blue and White stripes subtly emphasize the perfectionist tailoring of knife-edge flanges and embroidered cording. Presented on glistening White cotton sateen, 300 thread count, so smooth to the touch, this soothing design is made...
Reg. $ 110 - $ 700
Sale $ 80 - $ 495


Cotton, Damask, Sateen, 300-599
More luxurious than a bed of roses, this exclusive ensemble weaves a dream-like rendering of softly tinted flowers into an elegant new reality for your bedroom. Duvet covers, euro and boudoir shams are of opulent floral Italian damask, 500 thread count, in the colors shown. Flat sheets,...
Reg. $ 140 - $ 950
Sale $ 85 - $ 650

Summer DotsSummer Dots

Cotton, Percale, 600-799
Like a heaven-sent perfect union, shimmering White Egyptian cotton percale from Italy, 600 thread count, is paired with hand-embroidered scalloped edging of dotted organdy cutwork. Beautifully detailed with appliquéd waves and hand hemstitching, this sublime import is designed...
Reg. $ 140 - $ 1,000
Sale $ 80 - $ 725

Joie de LoopsJoie de Loops

Cotton, Sateen, 300-599
Cornering the joy of waking up to your loved one or a brand new day, double rows of grand and glorious embroidered scallops meet up in whirly, swirly, loopy corners on glistening sateen of pure Egyptian cotton, 300 thread count. Faithfully made in Italy, with Red or Black embroidery on bright-as-sunshine...
Reg. $ 95 - $ 550
Sale $ 50 - $ 425


Cotton, Sateen, 300-599
A lovely leafy vine highlighted by contrasting fine lines, is tastefully embroidered on silky-soft pure Egyptian cotton sateen, 300 thread count. Crafted in Italy with an eye for elegance, the delightful look and luxury feel are captured in Green on effervescent White.
Reg. $ 120 - $ 875
Sale $ 80 - $ 600

Chateau BlancChateau Blanc

Cotton, Percale, 600-799
As exquisite as an heirloom from an ancestral hope chest, Italy’s finest 600 thread count Egyptian cotton percale, in brilliant White, is magnificently adorned with hand-drawn hemstitched inserts in Pink, Beige or Blue. Replicating the intricacy and artistry of the à jour...
Reg. $ 80 - $ 595
Sale $ 50 - $ 495


Cotton, Sateen, 600-799
Classic elegance and timeless luxury come together in every inch of this glistening 600 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen. The sumptuous, silken touch. The perfectionist craftsmanship. The flawless look of rich embroidery. The refinement of hemstitched flanges. All together the...
Reg. $ 160 - $ 900
Sale $ 100 - $ 625


Cotton, Sateen, 600-799
The most beautiful way to rest on your laurels, literally and figuratively, is on a bed made with soft, silky, 600 thread count White Egyptian cotton sateen, elegantly embroidered with laurel wreaths in Blue. All attentively crafted in Italy to meet your highest expectations.
Reg. $ 120 - $ 850
Sale $ 75 - $ 595


The elegance of simplicity is superbly captured in these indispensable blanket covers and shams. Crafted with purity of style in a fascinating diamond-shaped waffle weave of 100% Egyptian cotton from Italy, the flawless look extends to the very edge of bountiful and beautiful embroidered...
Reg. $ 110 - $ 595
Sale $ 50 - $ 395

Blushing BeautyBlushing Beauty

Cotton, Percale
Like a remnant of the past, precious Pink or Lavender flowers with White tantalizing tendrils are lovingly hand embroidered in a diamond motif on Italian White cotton percale, finest 600 thread count. As if made by a Jane Austen maiden dreaming of her love, even the tailoring speaks of patience...
Reg. $ 110 - $ 850
Sale $ 70 - $ 625

Dynasty Down ComfortersDynasty Down Comforters

Cotton, Down, Goose Down, Silk, 800-999
With incomparable inner and outer beauty, this signature Schweitzer Linen import gives you all the elegance and warmth you could want in a comforter. Filled with the finest European white goose down of superior 700+ loft power, it’s exquisitely covered with an ultra-soft silk and...
Reg. $ 900 - $ 1,300
Sale $ 575 - $ 875

Paisley WhirlPaisley Whirl

Cotton, Sateen, 300-599
A spectacular interpretation of paisley swirls and whirls, this bold and beautiful print brings a larger-than-life panorama of drama to finest Egyptian cotton sateen, 300 thread count. Designed and made in Italy in Black and Gold, with Gold embroidered accent on impeccable flanges, and...
Reg. $ 90 - $ 475
Sale $ 50 - $ 375


Cotton, Percale, 600-799
Like each and every flower that nature puts on earth, the marvel of these hand-embroidered blossoms is a joy to behold. Delicately shadow-stitched in Pink with Green leaves on White 600 thread count Italian cotton percale, their fragile beauty is captured within a linen border of gentle...
Reg. $ 110 - $ 800
Sale $ 70 - $ 575

Vine DevineVine Devine

Cotton, Sateen, 300-599
As charming as a flowering vine on a trellis, pretty Orange and Yellow blossoms are printed on pure White Egyptian cotton sateen, 300 thread count. A welcoming sight to enjoy in your home day and night, the enchanting look is enhanced by fine Italian tailoring, with embroidered edges of big...
Reg. $ 80 - $ 450
Sale $ 50 - $ 350

Baby BlanketsBaby Blankets

Cotton, Pima, Pima Cotton, Pima Cotton Jersey
Blankets of baby-soft pima cotton jersey or fine pique cotton, hand craftted by talented seamstresses in Peru. Featuring details like a teeny teddy bear or precious little rosebuds embroidered by hand... rows and inserts of lovely hand smocking...and so much more. All sure to delight!...
Reg. $ 70 - $ 70
Sale $ 45 - $ 45

Royal BloomRoyal Bloom

Cotton, Percale, 600-799
With its distinctive petals and graceful charisma our tulips in full bloom are sure to bring a smile to your face. Such delicacy as this can only be achieved by hand to create tiny flowers in Lavender or Green which symbolize royalty. Gracefully finished with an eyelet scallop flange on fine...
Reg. $ 90 - $ 850
Sale $ 50 - $ 625

Endless LoveEndless Love

Cotton, Sateen, 300-599
Conveying a tempting expression of loving sentiment, a chain of stylized hearts connected by teeny hearts in between, is richly embroidered in Black or Red on scintillating pure White Egyptian cotton sateen, 300 thread count. Silky soft and smooth, it’s masterfully tailored in...
Reg. $ 160 - $ 1,600
Sale $ 100 - $ 595

Dauphiné Throw & PillowDauphiné Throw & Pillow

Cashmere, Damask, Down, 300-599
With dream-like softly tinted flowers woven in gorgeous 500 thread count damask on one side, and lush 100% Ivory cashmere on the other side, this reversible throw may well be your dream come true. Made in the USA of finest imported materials, it’s styled and sized for complete and utter...
Reg. $ 350 - $ 750
Sale $ 230 - $ 550

Crème FraîcheCrème Fraîche

Cotton, Sateen
With extraordinary style and substance, our diamond-quilted blanket cover is made in Italy of pristine White Egyptian cotton sateen, adorned with the pure simplicity of classic four-line embroidery in Black and Gray. Matching shams with button enclosures share the expert tailoring...
Reg. $ 160 - $ 900
Sale $ 100 - $ 695


This sumptuous arrival from Peru is more posh and more luxurious than you could ever, ever imagine. Made of prized baby alpaca from the Andes, in a lush diagonal weave, it’s super sized to surround you with the ultimate alpaca experience of ultra-soft, ultra-warm, ultra-cuddly bliss.
Reg. $ 350 - $ 350
Sale $ 250 - $ 250


Cotton, Sateen, 300-599
Reminiscent of colorful Scottish tartans, 300 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen is printed with a buoyant plaid-like pattern around delightful paisley medallions. Meticulously crafted in Italy with distinctive details like super-fine hemstitching, the predominantly Red print...
Reg. $ 90 - $ 475
Sale $ 50 - $ 375


Like the timeless beauty of a rare art piece, these elegant blanket covers and matching shams are guaranteed to never go out of style. Bring textured elegance to any bedroom with the diamond waffle all-over design in white with ivory or ivory with white and a knife edged flange border. Exquisitely...
Reg. $ 120 - $ 625
Sale $ 60 - $ 425

Queen AnneQueen Anne

A perennial favorite since the 1700s, this matelassé brings its unique sculptural beauty to our newest blanket covers and shams. Made in Italy of richly textured woven cotton in an all-over pattern of flowery medallions, the elegant design is matched by elegant tailoring. Ivory...
Reg. $ 90 - $ 400
Sale $ 45 - $ 250

Richelieu Throw & PillowRichelieu Throw & Pillow

Cashmere, Damask, Sateen, 300-599
Possibly the most magnificent throw you could hope to find is this inspired combo of luscious pure cashmere in Midnight Blue and our exclusive Blue paisley damask, 500 thread count. The stunning result is a reversible beauty of epic size and luxury. Marvelous matching pillow is all cashmere...
Reg. $ 350 - $ 750
Sale $ 230 - $ 550

Royalty Throw & PillowRoyalty Throw & Pillow

Cashmere, Damask, 300-599
As though written in the stars, a majestic scroll meets its match in this fabulous throw. Made of elegant 500 thread count damask and ultra luxurious pure cashmere in luscious shades of Taupe, it reverses from one glorious side to the other. Extravagantly sized for total indulgence, it’s...
Reg. $ 350 - $ 750
Sale $ 230 - $ 550


Cotton, Sateen, 300-599
Like a harmonic rendition of a musical composition, luminous White Egyptian cotton sateen, 300 thread count, features the classical elegance of five-line embroidery in Black and Beige. Masterfully tailored in Italy with the studied precision of knife-edge flanges, it’s detailed...
Reg. $ 120 - $ 875
Sale $ 80 - $ 600

Hampton CourtHampton Court

Cotton, Sateen, 300-599
Clean, crisp, three line embroidery is underlined with a narrow zigzag finish and flanged for simple elegance. Pure White, 300 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen is incomparably soft. Imported from Italy in Beige, Blue, White, Gray, Yellow, Pink, Black, Hunter Green, Red, Navy, Burgundy,...
Reg. $ 120 - $ 875
Sale $ 80 - $ 600


Cotton, Sateen, 300-599
Gloriously smooth and silky 300 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen promises to indulge your senses, and make you feel as if you're sleeping on a soft, fluffy cloud. Imported from Italy in Smoke Blue, Mocha, White, Mist Green, Yellow,  Wine, Blue, Peach, Hunter Green, Terracotta,...
Reg. $ 75 - $ 500
Sale $ 45 - $ 350


Cotton, Percale
Old fashioned sheets, pillowcases, shams and duvet covers are traditionally scalloped in White, Ivory, Cloud Blue, Petal Blush, and Willow on Snowy White. Imported from Italy in Egyptian cotton percale for incomparable softness and comfort. Monogramming extra.
Reg. $ 80 - $ 390
Sale $ 50 - $ 290

Sienne ScallopsSienne Scallops

Cotton, Piqué, Sateen, 300-599
Exquisite 300 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen is elaborately chain embroidered and scalloped. Imported from Italy, in Red, Peach, Light Green, Hunter Green, Pink, White, Beige, Yellow, Blue, Navy on White or Brown on Light Blue. Other colors of embroidery or Sateen are available at...
Reg. $ 120 - $ 875
Sale $ 80 - $ 600


Cotton, Polyester
A collection of seersucker blanket covers, dust ruffles and matching shams are delicately trimmed with White eyelet on gentle hues of White, Ivory, Cloud Blue, Green, Petal or Blush. Plain or monogrammed, a traditional indulgence that is extremely pleasing to the eye. Made in the USA of...
Reg. $ 75 - $ 260
Sale $ 50 - $ 165


Cotton, Percale
The softest, most inviting Egyptian cotton Percale is painstakenly woven in Italy with your comfort in mind. Superbly finished with gentle pastel scallops in Peach, Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow, French Blue or White to eloquently complement any bedroom design. Also available in solid Green,...
Reg. $ 90 - $ 395
Sale $ 55 - $ 295
Special Offer

Comforel PillowsComforel Pillows

Comforel pillows are truly a man made wonder. Designed to behave like down with wondrous loft and resiliency. You will be hard pressed to tell the difference between comforel and down pillows. Machine washable, perfect for allergy sufferers and children. Made in the USA in White only.
Reg. $ 30 - $ 70
Sale $ 20 - $ 50


Cotton, Polyester
Fresh White pique is scalloped and piped in soft tones to complement any well dressed bed. Made in the USA of polyester/cotton and trimmed in Blue, Pink, White, Peach or Beige.
Reg. $ 80 - $ 250
Sale $ 55 - $ 170
Showing items: 1 - 316 of 316


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