Why We’re Grateful in 2021

The challenges of the past year forced us to focus on ways we could fix problems; ways we could change things for the better and affect what was negatively happening in the world. With the new year finally here, there’s plenty left that needs fixing, but instead of focusing on the things that went wrong, we want to take a moment to focus on all the things that went right. When you’ve been around as long as we have, over fifty years to be exact, you learn a few things. And one thing we’ve picked up in all our time helping people create the most comforting rooms in their homes, is that the first step towards true change should always be a positive one. So, to inspire us all going forward, we’re sharing the things we’re grateful for in 2021.

The Perseverance

Despite the obstacles we all faced, we’re grateful for the perseverance so many showed during a year of such tragedy and uncertainty. Though the struggles continue, and there is a long journey ahead, we recognize the strength it took to make it this far. We also recognize and celebrate the resolve it will take to keep going. Having seen so many powerful examples of how resilient the human spirit is, we know we’ll get where we need to—and are so thankful for that.
We are also grateful for our own perseverance. Despite temporarily closing stores, dealing with difficult supply/shipping conflicts and facing the overall sense of fear and uncertainty that lay ahead, we’re stronger than ever. Because when the road got tough, we got to work doing what were best at—helping our customers. It’s what kept us going and it’s what continues to motivate us.

Our Customers

If you ask us what we’re most grateful for in 2021, the answer won’t change regardless of the year. Because it’s always you, our customers, that we’re most grateful for. The passion we feel providing you and your family with the most luxurious fabrics and exclusive designs is why we wake up excited to go to work each morning. And this past year, our customers gave us even more to be grateful for. While we stood by you, you also stood by us. Despite all the challenges, you let us continue bringing comforting and enriching experiences into your home, at a time when we both sorely needed it. Some of you trusted us to do this for the first time and for that we thank you and hope this is the start of a beautiful friendship. Thanks to your faith in us and the patience you showed as we maneuvered past all the obstacles of this past year, we were able to make life a little easier, more restful, and happier for a lot of people when they needed it most.

Doing What We Love

When you get to do what you love for a living, it makes it that much harder to face the possibility of not being able to do it for a long while. For this reason, we are so grateful that we can continue doing what we love. Because we’re not just really good at creating rooms and experiences that bring out the best in you and your home, it’s what we live to do. Our products are about more than creating relaxing, energizing and joyful spaces to feel good in, they’re an opportunity to change someone’s perspective in new and beautiful ways—so they can find satisfying moments in every day to savor to the fullest. We’re not just in the business of changing rooms, we’re in the business of changing lives. To be able to do that at a time when the world needed it most, and to continue doing it now, we will never stop being thankful for that.

Our Partners

Good times are easy. In order to determine the true merit of someone, it helps to see how they react in the bad times. That’s why we’re so grateful to our suppliers, craftspeople and every one of our partners who, despite all the roadblocks, have worked tirelessly to help us get us back on track as best we can. When the world shut down, so many areas were affected by new restrictions and complications. This made it more difficult to get our products to customers and forced us to rethink and reimagine how we could best serve you. With the help of our partners and lot of hard work, we were able to weather the storm and continue helping as many customers as we could. Thanks to the partners who worked with us, sacrificed with us and spent many a long night being there for us, we were able to be there for you.

The Future

2021 is still a bit unsure, but thanks to our customers, our partners and our longstanding philosophy of helping people, we know things will continue to improve—and we’re grateful that we are able to look forward to all the wonderful things the future holds. We’re ready to help you create the cozy sanctuaries you need to escape from any stress and uncertainty that may still remain. We’re excited to refresh your décor with new spring styles and lighter bedding. And no matter how long it takes or what’s happening outside, we promise that we’ll always be right here, with the world’s most luxurious products to help you get through it.

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