Why Do I Need a Dust Ruffle?

When it comes to bedding, people always talk about sheets, shams and duvets. But one element of great bedroom design that doesn’t get the attention it deserves are dust ruffles (also known as bed skirts). Depending on the style and design of your current bed, the right dust ruffle can improve the look, feel and comfort of your bedroom, along with a host of other benefits. Here’s why you should add one to your room today.

They Keep Things Clean

Originally designed with cleanliness in mind, dust ruffles were aptly named for their ability to protect the underside of your bed from gathering large amounts of dust. Too much dust can lead to dust mites, harmful bacteria and other unwanted invaders. Adding a dust ruffle will significantly reduce the buildup below. And while you should still clean under the bed routinely, even with a dust ruffle, adding one will make cleaning up quicker, easier and you won’t have to do it as frequently.

Scallopino Dust Ruffle

They Keep Things Hidden

Whether you have kids with a bunch of stuff, limited space in your home, or simply want to store things under the bed and keep them accessible, dust ruffles are also a great way to keep those things unseen. Toys, clothes, boxes and other things that can find their way under your bed can make a room look downright unappealing, no matter how nice the decor. Plus, a cluttered room leads to a cluttered mind, so the benefits go beyond the physical. Keeping that space under the bed covered with a beautifully designed dust ruffle will give your room a clean, uncluttered look you won’t be shy to show any of your guests.

Creme de Lace Dust Ruffle

They Keep Things Comfy

If you live in a colder area or a drafty house, you know that when a chill is in the air, that chill will do whatever it can to invade your warm, toasty home. Sometimes those cold drafts come up from under the bed, making sleeping and time spent in your bedroom uncomfortable. Adding a dust ruffle helps block those cold drafts for an overall cozier sleeping environment.

Mont Blanc Dust Ruffle

They Keep Things Stylish

From scalloped ruffles to simple flat panels, dust ruffles are tailored in many different ways to beautify your bed. The key is finding out which one works best for you. Adding one with ruffles or multiple layers of fabrics adds a distinctive texture to your bed, making it look and feel instantly more elegant and interesting. While flat panel dust ruffles offer a clean, streamlined look that can trend towards fresh and contemporary or classic simplicity—depending on which style you choose. Our dust ruffles come in a variety of exclusive patterns, all impeccably crafted with the finest fabrics and each backed by our over fifty plus years of experience making the world’s best bedding. Plus, we’ll customize a dust ruffle to match virtually any of our bedding. Just give us a call.

Sienne Scallops Dust Ruffle

They Keep Things Colorful

If you’ve been looking for an easy and affordable way to give your bedroom a new look, sometimes adding the right touch of color is all you need. Adding a dust ruffle in a contrasting color to your current bedding brings more attention to both for an exciting new look and clear, confident design statement. Or you can match your dust ruffle color with your bedding for a completely cohesive and immersive bedtime experience. And because science has shown that colors can affect us in so many ways, your bed is not the only thing that will change perspectives. Surrounding yourself with colors that make you feel a certain way can lead to more joy, positivity and a more satisfying and fulfilling life overall.

Lighthouse Denim Blue Dust Ruffle

Explore our full collection of dust ruffles and bed skirts. And don’t forget to pair them with one of our popular bedding sets, for a totally transformative experience.