We’re Here Whenever You Need Us

Since the pandemic arrived, we’ve been doing whatever we can to make you and your loved ones more comfortable. We’ve created safe shopping environments at our retail store locations. We’ve continued to conveniently ship our products as fast as possible to homes around the world. And thanks to our incredibly robust and diverse online collections, we’ve been able to help so many customers find momentary sanctuary from the clutter and chaos with the coziest fabrics and inspiring styles you’ll only find here. After all, it’s what we do – and we’ve been doing it for over 50 years.

When all this started, we made a promise to be there for you and your family, no matter what. Now with experts warning the 2nd wave of COVID19 could be even more problematic and too many signs are pointing to this new reality, we’re making that promise again.

As long as our stores remain open, you can be sure every location will be a safe and friendly place to find all your luxury needs. Each store is vigorously cleaned to the CDC’s specific qualifications with sanitizing stations located throughout. Masks are required, not just for your safety but the safety of our employees. And every single one of our employees follows a strict, no-excuse protocol to ensure the wellness of anyone who comes into our stores.

Sticking close to home? We get it. That’s why you’ll find a huge assortment of the world’s most luxurious products at schweitzerlinen.com. From premium bedding sets and super plush towels to comfy throws and everything else you need to redefine your home with exceptional comfort and fresh décor, we’ve got it all. And it’s ready to ship right to your home.

Speaking of home. With all the extra time we’re spending there, home has started to mean something different to so many people. For some it’s a classroom. For others it’s an office. But no matter how different things may feel, and whatever you find yourself doing there now, it’s still home – the one place in the world that should feel safe, warm and welcoming. With the softest, warmest materials, impeccable quality you can always count on and colorful designs to take you blissfully away from the uncertainty outside your door, we’ll make sure home is what you need right now and feels the way you want it to. And if you can’t find what you need online or in our stores, just pick up the phone and speak to someone from the Schweitzer family who will be more than happy to help you with whatever you need – even if that’s just a friendly voice on the other line.

As the next several months unfold, please remember you are not alone. We’ll still be here for you in any way we can. Whether that means getting you to sleep more soundly, letting you unwind, making you feel beautiful, or simply helping you feel normal again, even if it’s just for a little while. The Schweitzer Linen family is with you every step of the way – and we will get through this. Let us help you find joy in the smallest moments and discover comfort and luxury in every day.