Does Thread Count Really Matter?

I’ve been coming across a lot of articles around the market that say higher thread counts don’t matter when choosing bedding. After some thought on the matter, I think they may be right.

All the boxes need to be checked!

After all, if you don’t have quality raw materials, or the right artisans crafting your sheets, it really won’t matter all that much. If there is no attention to detail, if steps are skipped and corners cut, who’s worrying about thread counts? And if a sheet set comes to you with the wrong dyeing process, bad finishing, sloppy stitching or inexperienced printing, I’d assume these are all things that matter a heck of lot more than thread count, right?

Splendour, our incredibly fine 1000 thread count sheets

To be fair to those who talk about higher thread counts not mattering, they probably have the best intentions. They may be trying to save customers from spending more money on higher count sheets that are not that much different from those with lower counts. This seems reasonable enough but it got me thinking. If that’s true than is it really any different from someone buying sheets that are less durable, less comfortable and not as beautiful than higher quality sheets that have been exquisitely crafted at an affordable price somewhere else?

If someone is spending their hard earned money on higher count sheets expecting them to be different, shouldn’t we be inspiring customers to buy sheets that will actually meet those expectations, regardless of thread count. Sheets that are crafted to look and feel softer and better, to last longer, and to offer an experience — not just something to lie down on. After all, the idea of buying a higher thread count comes with a certain level of expectations: that you’re getting a higher quality product or other additional benefits. If thread count doesn’t matter, I think something should.

San Remo: This print is on our incomparable 300 thread count sateen and it’s a damask to add even more luxury!

When people say higher thread count doesn’t matter, do they also talk about how bad printing can leave sheets coarse, or how a bad dye job can make them look and feel heavier than they should? Do they forget to mention that if stitching and embroidery are not given the excessive amount of attention they deserve, they’ll likely be replacing their lesser quality sheets with a new set within a shorter time span?

Carnations: Crafted in Italy with the artfulness and expert tailoring you expect from them and us, the exquisite details include distinctive edges of embroidered scallops

This painstaking attention to details is one of the reasons we’ve had sheets that last many years. But more importantly, our sheets are products you’ll be proud to own and deserve a place in your home and life. These seem like important aspects that get glossed over way too often and mean a lot more than thread count.

Whether you buy into thread count mattering or not, Schweitzer Linen is still the perfect place to buy bedding. Because no matter which thread count you choose (and we have them all) every sheet we make uses the finest fabrics, masterfully crafted by weavers with generations of experience. They are dyed and finished by artisans who have perfected the process for gorgeous colors and brilliant tones. And when it comes to style, you can choose from countless designs, all our own and all of which have been produced by seasoned professionals who know everything there is to know about this art form — and maybe even a bit more.

Chantilly: Most of our embroideries are on our 600 thread count sateen

Plus, you can choose from crisp percale, satiny sateen, the finest linens in the world and much more in any thread count you desire. And if you can’t find it, we can make it. Pick up the phone, write us an email and we’ll give you what you need. What matters to us is that you get the best sheets you’ve ever experienced. Higher thread count, lower thread count; you’re getting better sheets for the best price — that’s our promise to every customer.

To understand more about Schweitzer Linen product’s thread count, visit our Thread Count FAQ page on the website.

Top Header Image features our Uffizi geometric print, and Gibson, an elegant double-flange design, both on our 300 thread count sateen.