The Best Modern Styles Are All About the Past

When we create one of our exclusive designs, whether it be for a set of sheets, tablecloths, placemats or napkins, we get our ideas from all over the place. We literally travel around the world looking for things that move and inspire us. We may find our muse in a piece of ancient architecture, an impressionist painting or even a unique piece of furniture stuffed into the back of an old shop. We really never know where inspiration will strike, only that it always does if we look long enough.

Repliqué – Reminiscent of the famed Toile de Jouy fabrics printed from engraved copper plates in the 18th century

But just because we derive many of our ideas and inspirations from the past, doesn’t mean our designs are stuck there. Often times the feeling we get from the pattern of a castle tapestry or the curve of a classical sculpture gives us the spark to fuse today and yesterday in a brand new design that offers fresh perspective and a unique approach.

Azulejo – Derived from the 6oo-year-old art of glazed Azulejo tiles in Portugal

After all, the things that were beautiful then are still beautiful now. The slender curve of a smile in a painting, the majestic rise of a graceful arch, the ray of light captured in an afternoon window, the joyous feeling of seeing your childhood tree. These precious elements of life, these moments of art, of experience, transcend time. We can choose to showcase them in a vintage way or we can create a totally different take that moves us in an entirely different direction — emotionally and spiritually. If you look at most modern styles, even the most contemporary, you’ll usually find traces of the past within the lines, shapes and colors. It doesn’t make them any less modern, but it does in our opinion, make them much more interesting.

Search through our hundreds of original designs and you’ll find plenty of nods to history and art within the patterns in new and interesting ways. And yet, no matter how contemporary one of our designs may be or how much of the past you can see woven in, they are still created to move us in some way, to make us feel something inside and to cut through the clutter and noise of a hectic world with sweet precision — to bring us the precious moments of peace and joy we all deserve.

We believe all of us could use more of those moments. In this increasingly more modern world, where things are coming at us faster and faster and time feels like it’s growing shorter and shorter, whatever style you choose for your rooms should help you stop and appreciate the now and live in the moment. To us, that’s what modern design really means. To delight and encourage with beauty from the past and present, to provide an experience and environment that makes you feel happy to be there, gives you a sense of security, and allows you to feel more optimistic about today and tomorrow. It doesn’t get any more modern than that.

Of course, there are some aspects of modern life that we won’t integrate into our styles. You’ve heard it said that people don’t make things like they used to. For the most part and for many companies, it’s true. We’re not sure exactly when those expectations were lowered by both the companies making the products or the consumers buying them but in a throw away culture of quantity over quality and mega-manufactured assembly line items, the quality of products in all categories has suffered greatly — but not at Schweitzer Linen.

Chantilly – An example of incredible embroidery

Using the same hand-crafted practices, listening to what customers want and paying meticulous attention to the tiniest of details, we’re still delivering brand new, trend-setting designs and innovative fabric technologies the same way we’ve been doing it for over 48 years. No shortcuts, no cutting corners. In other words, the right way, without sacrificing a single step to ensure that every product you get is made to the best of our ability. It’s obvious when you feel the fabric, run your finger across the stitching or simply stand back and admire the design — whatever that design may be.

So if you’re looking for something a little more modern and contemporary, don’t let our long history of making the finest products at an incredible value fool you. You’ll find every kind of style, classic or chic, in all the fabrics and colors you need to create your perfect sanctuary. Most importantly, our designs are created not just to look amazing, but to make you feel amazing when you wake up and go to bed surrounded by them each day.