Huge Cyber Monday Deal!

Up to 60% OFF regular price + Free Shipping

Though Cyber Monday hasn’t been around for over fifty years like we have, we’ve come to embrace this 15-year-old holiday for what it really means to us. Yes, Cyber Monday is known for its flash sales, huge markdowns and monumental discounts on thousands of items, ranging from toasters to TVs, but it’s much more than that to us. At Schweitzer Linen, it’s a chance for us to show our customers how much we appreciate them, by giving the world’s most luxuriant and pampering products for a fraction of the cost. Anyone who has owned, used or given our products knows that for a quality like ours, up to 60% OFF regular price + Free Shipping isn’t just a good deal, it’s a game changer.

But the importance of Cyber Monday goes even further. By offering these incredible gifts at up to 60% OFF regular price + Free Shipping, our small family-owned business can help more and more people find the comfort and joy they’ve been searching for all their lives – even if they don’t know it yet. Through the world’s softest, most comforting fabrics and our exclusive room-and-mood-enhancing designs, people-of all-ages can improve their quality of life – finding sweet little luxuries in each day and feeling more and more at peace with their home and with themselves.

When you’re trying to maneuver through all the noise and clutter of thousands of advertisers and brands trying to get you to shop their big sales, it’s not hard to get confused. Trying to find the right gift for the best price with limited time, can be downright harrowing. That’s why we’re here. For up to 60% OFF regular price + Free Shipping, you save big while also meeting the needs of everyone on your list – all in one place. Who couldn’t use a better, more restorative night’s sleep? Give it to them with our huge selection of irresistibly cozy bedding collections. Someone into style? Elevate their décor in the most beautiful of ways, with a set of marvelously plush, super absorbent towels or breathtaking table linens. If it’s optimal comfort they need, you’ll find so many wonderful ways to pamper them, from pure alpaca wool blankets and silky soft cashmere throws to an entire assortment our products dedicated to making life easier, happier, better.

This time of year, we’re all looking for that one-of-a-kind gift to make them feel special. This can be difficult, especially when the amount of knock offs and imitations are enough to make your head spin. At our Cyber Monday sale, you don’t have to worry about your gift not being unique, because every one of our designs and patterns are Schweitzer Linen exclusives. That’s hundreds of styles you won’t find anywhere else. Just another perk of being around for over fifty years. That and we’re always making sure our products are unlike anything else out there. Because they deserve something that is truly special. And with gorgeous patterns that inspire optimism, colors that create a sense of soothing and calm and a confident décor they will fall in love with over and over again, nothing is more special than a gift that keeps on giving.

We hope our Cyber Monday savings will help you finish your holiday shopping ahead of time and well under budget. When you combine the unbeatable quality of our products, our unwavering commitment to adding comfort and luxury to every home and a whopping up to 60% OFF regular price + Free Shipping of our items, there is truly no other Cyber Monday sale like it.