Creating a Gift Registry – Hint: It’s Easy!

Creating the perfect gift registry is as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4… shop!  It takes just five minutes to set up. Once you set up the registry you will receive your own unique registry ID number and from there you can start adding items to your list or at a later time.  The registry is a great way to let your friends and family know exactly what you would like for that special occasion, birthday, anniversary, baby shower or wedding!  You pick the items, add a monogram and customize the size or color.

After you create your registry you will have the option of sending an email to all your contacts with your registry information and registry id number.  Your friends and family will be able to shop your selection anytime and can request free gift wrapping.  Then you can sit back and wait for your special day

  1. Visit and click the link for “Gift Registry”
  2. From here you can “Create a Gift Registry”, “Shop a Gift Registry” or “Manage an existing Registry”.  If it’s your first time setting up a registry then you will click “Create a Gift Registry”.
  3. The Schweitzer Gift Registry Page

    The Schweitzer Gift Registry Page

  4. New Customers will enter an email address and a password.  Existing customers will enter their email address and password.
  5. Enter your information: name, address, phone number and choose your event. (Wedding, Anniversary, other, etc)  You can choose to have your registry publicly accessed or accessed with password. If you chose password, you will create the password.
  6. Setting up your Registry

    Setting up your Registry

Click: Create Registry.  You will receive a unique registry ID

Click: Continue Shopping to add items to your registry or you can do this at a later date.

Adding items to your Registry

Adding items to your Registry

To add items at a later date follow steps 1 and 2.  At step 2 choose “Manage an existing Registry”.

Managing your Registry

Managing your Registry

When you finish you can send an email to all your friends with a message and registry ID so they can shop effortlessly for a gift.

The registry can be edited easily.  You can add items or remove them and if for some reason you no longer need the registry, you can also delete it.

Happy shopping!