Everyday Spiritual Awakening

The idea of a spiritual awakening can be misleading. Many people think of a lone monk sitting on top of a mountain meditating on the meaning of the cosmos or the life of a single blade of grass. While that is one example (albeit a stereotypical one) of someone who is enlightened, spiritual awakening is not enlightenment–but it can certainly help to get you there.

Enlightenment is being in a constant state of knowing, of mindlessness. There is a deep understanding of life and of yourself. Spiritual awakening however is a process. It is a journey to profound insights where you can explore higher levels of love, of self freedom and of natural joy. Spiritual awakening is sort of like waking up in the morning but instead of simply opening your eyes to the light of a new day, you are opening your eyes to the start of a new life. When you start to spiritually awaken, you begin to understand how much more control you have over the way you feel, what you fear and your overall life in general.

I myself am not enlightened, I wish I could say I was. But as someone who has been on a spiritual path for a while, I realize now that in the past I spent too much time expecting a spiritual awakening to happen instantaneously. Like many of us in this rush hour world of quick gratification, I expected things to happen fast.

Like most things that are truly worth it, spiritual awakening takes time. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t little things we can do in our lives to help us accelerate the process and move us closer to finding the spiritual path. I’ve found that even changing our everyday environment can help guide us towards a more satisfying and awakened experience. I call these easy, yet profoundly effective changes, “Everyday Awakenings”. By adding them to your home, it may help you wake up and rid yourself of the obstacles keeping you from an enlightened existence and true happiness.

Ironically, these everyday awakenings start in the actual room where you wake up each morning. Altering the decor and feel of your bedroom can ensure you are in the right state of mind each day so you are better able to grow into your best self and begin your everyday awakening process. I’ve found the easiest place to start this journey is to find a brand you can really trust. One with the right experience and products to help you create an environment with everything you need to achieve personal growth and more positive living.

With almost 50 years of extensive knowledge of all things bedding and home, along with a profoundly long history of satisfied customers around the world who have experienced these incredible changes themselves, Schweitzer Linen are the gurus of bedding. With them as your personal guide to discovering your bedroom’s true self, you may just discover yours as well. In addition to their vast expertise, their reputation for superior quality and craftsmanship is well known. From using only the finest, most luxurious fabrics to the mitered corners and hand-embroidered details, everything they do is truly about being in the moment. And with hundreds of original designs and styles to choose from, finding the right first step towards your everyday awakening is as easy as pushing a button.


There is a particular healing method in spirituality they call “color therapy.” It has also been called “Chromotherapy.” The idea is that certain colors can influence a person’s mood. By finding the right colors for that person, you can provide an environment that is less stressful, calmer and more balanced. These benefits of color are said to have an effect on not just the mind, but actually the body as well.

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There has also been many studies done on how color affects one’s mood and psyche. The consensus among many scientists and psychotherapists, as well as those who have introduced the right colors into their own lives, is that the right colors can indeed help create a better environment for us–one that leads to more positive approach to life. On the flip side, negative colors can affect us in adverse ways. The reason you may not be starting off each day the way you want could be the colors in your room. These colors could also be blocking you from reaching your full potential–spiritually and in other ways.

Blue for instance is known to be a color of inspiration and inner peace. Sets like our Block Island, Lucca or Chesterfield can start the process of self healing and awaken those feelings of strength and confidence.

Orange is often associated with warmth and creativity. The joy of orange is quite literal in a sense, as this tone is well known to inspire joyful feelings throughout. Nothing inspires more joy from our customers than the elegant style of our Bonacieux collection.

And if you are looking for something with confidence, inner strength and inspiration, you may want to try some of our collections like La Chaine Duo or Sympatico – featuring the bold contrast of pure white with the passionate energy of red.

These basic colors only scratch the surface of the extensive selection of hues and tones that Schweitzer Linen offers.


Art inspires us and gives us pleasure. There are enough museums, poster prints and galleries to prove that. But did you know that art can actually alter our brain chemistry? Imaging scans have shown that art can actually change the physiology of our brains, stimulating the pleasure centers and increasing blood flow. This combination when done right can lead to higher consciousness and a better sense of well being. Bottom line, art makes the brain feel good and in turn, makes you feel good. Being inspired daily and receiving the positive feelings art provides, both consciously and subconsciously, will help you achieve these everyday awakenings.

It can come in the form of unique patterns such as our NEW Martesana collection with graceful paisley swirls, the captivating lines of our Ventoso collection or the modern zig zag of our Deco collection.

Or maybe it’s the reflection of nature’s beauty that inspires. Along with a massive amount of nature-inspired designs, our Greenebelle, Blossoming and Petals collections are some of our customers’ floral favorites.

And sometimes it’s as easy as seeing the right picture or story being told in a visually interesting way like our Mandarin Delights collection.

Everyday Bliss

They say when one achieves enlightenment, every day is full of bliss. Not all of us have the luxury to wait for enlightenment, so Schweitzer Linen provides you with the immediate luxury you need to feel good each day. No matter where you are on your spiritual path, every night when you lay your head down to sleep, you should do so in a full state of contentment. This added comfort in the form of soft, pampering fabrics along with beautifully inspiring designs, will put you in a better frame of mind so that you are far more likely to find your way on the path to enlightenment. Much more so than with bedding that is uncomfortable or less than you deserve.

And with such a huge variety of ways to experience this daily bliss and contentment, you’ll be on your way to experiencing your own everyday awakenings in no time. Find your personal heaven amidst the thousands of designs and many luxurious fabrics and accessories. Need an extra hand? Just give them a call and they’ll help answer any questions. They can even do something custom made for you if it will help you be on your way to everyday bliss.

If you aspire to the image of the peaceful yogi in a precarious pose in harsh elements, more power to you. For most of us, we just want to be happy and at our best every day we can. Schweitzer Linen can help you do that. Because they know that we all find our spiritual awakening in our own way and what’s important isn’t really how we get there, it’s that we’re comfortable and happy along the way.