Don’t Lose Sleep Over Daylight Savings

Love or hate it, for many areas in the world daylight savings is not going away anytime soon. And while Ben Franklin is often credited for concocting this semi-annual event, the person who actually deserves the credit (or blame) is George Hudson, a nineteenth century entomologist who believed that by making the change, we could utilize more of the early morning and have a longer period of leisure in the evening for outdoor activities and hobbies.

I’ll admit I am someone who thoroughly appreciates the extra hour of daylight. Coming home from work in the dark messes with my psyche so the added sunlight is very welcome. But there is a definite down that comes with this up. With all the benefits we gain from an extra hour of daylight, we also lose an hour of precious sleep. Maybe that doesn’t seem like a big deal for some people–but maybe it should.

Studies have suggested that daylight savings can adversely affect us in many ways–and even worse, these effects can last for much longer than one day. Apparently such an abrupt shift in our cycles, no matter how small, can seriously take its toll on our health and psyche, along with significantly disturbing the quality of our sleep.

This is not just because we have to get up earlier. Many people try to outsmart daylight savings by going to sleep before their normal bedtime. It sounds smart but this often forces the body to try and adjust to the change, something it may not be ready to do. Because of this, there is often an increase in restlessness resulting in poor sleep and low energy the next day. The loss of sleep during daylight savings can also darken our moods, causing irritability and unexpected emotional swings. As these sleep disruptions take hold, the effects can branch out and begin to affect us in even more ways.

Take for instance, our level of mental acuity. The shift in time can reduce the quality of our memory and concentration. This is not only inconvenient, it can be downright dangerous as there are studies that show an actual rise in workplace injuries as well as car crashes during daylight savings. And while not as common, the effects of daylight savings can also cause medical issues or escalate existing ones. There are no conclusive studies to prove it but most scientists tend to agree that a dramatic change in sleep cycle and a lack of proper rest for the heart can put people at a higher risk for things like strokes and heart attacks. These are all good reminders that it’s important to be smart during daylight savings but also that we should never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep.

So what can one do? Until daylight savings goes away, we need to adapt to these changes. There are a few ways to help the mind and body cope with the change in time.

You can start sleeping earlier a few days before daylight savings so you can better acclimate to the earlier bedtime and wake time. You can start taking naps during the day (leave space for uproarious laughter from parents of small children). You can also do little things like keep your diet free of caffeine, alcohol and other stimulants to make sleep and relaxation easier to achieve. All these tips may help, but hands down the most important thing you can do to deal with the cause and effect from daylight savings is to make sure you get the best sleep you can. To do this, the bedding and environment where you sleep should be as comfortable as possible.

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Don’t let daylight savings wreak havoc on your daily life. Instead create and solidify a healthy, happy sleeping cycle and environment so that every single day, every night and every future daylight savings are full of beautiful rest and sheer joy.