Creating Moments in the Modern World

Welcome to today’s world. Whether you like it or not, it’s ours to live in, to find our way and to raise our kids in. And more than ever, it feels like a truly modern world. Everything is faster, smaller, instant. But while we’ve developed technologies and advancements that allow us to get things quicker and easier, why does it often feel like many things have gotten much harder? Like taking a break.

Used to be you could get away. If you were not there, you were actually “not there”. There were no text messages, no voicemails, no social posts. If you wanted to see if someone liked what you said, you had to read their face. And if you had to reach someone when you were not at home, you put a quarter in a pay phone—a practice that now might seem alien to some.

But despite all that’s changed, it’s still our world, a beautiful world, and people still need the same things to thrive emotionally — love, shelter, friendship and now more than ever, relaxation. That’s why in this new era of being constantly available and always accountable, it’s never been more important to have a place where we can turn it all off, including our minds. And one of the easiest places to do that is in the bedroom.

You may have heard this before but even if you have – try to let it really sink in. We spend one-third of our lives in the bedroom—that’s one-third of our life on this planet sleeping, recharging and…other things. Since most of us probably spend a huge amount of our time working at places we may or may not want to be, running errands, doing chores, etc., there is already a large chunk of our time that really doesn’t feel like ours at all. If this is true for you, then shouldn’t you be getting the very most out of whatever time you have to yourself? Even if that is as simple getting a better nights sleep.

Today it’s easy to track your sleep patterns

And it is that simple. Sometimes the smallest changes have the largest impact on our lives. Studies have shown that humans have a psychological reaction to things like color, patterns and overall environment. If you spend 24 hours a day in a dark, depressing environment, statistically you’re more likely to be negative and depressed. Just adding the right colors to your bedroom can instantly have a more positive impact on the way you feel when you are there. And it’s not just a visual thing. When you experience fabrics that have been made with the highest quality linen, cotton and other natural fibers and are able to maintain an ideal body temperature, everything feels better. It feels like you’re slipping into the perfect bath. It’s waking up in the most comfortable bed you’ve ever slept in.

These small changes go a long way. Think of the places in your past that made you happy the moment you were there. It was a combination of color, touch, smell and atmosphere that produced those feelings of joy. That’s what we need to do for ourselves. If we can feel like that in our own bedrooms, imagine how much more amazing and fruitful each day will be.

Shown: Carnation & Scalapino – Cool Blue is calming and said to lower blood pressure

Color is an amazing thing. The world is made up of so many variants and hues, whether they’ve been created through momentary light and substance, centuries of nature or a higher power, they move us, they inspire us and they make us feel. So if we’re seeing the wrong ones each time we go to bed and wake up, they’re not making us feel the way we should. That’s why it’s so important to surround ourselves in colors that invoke the right emotions and put us in the right state of mind.

Shown: Mansfield Park & Metropolitan – Greens are less straining to the eye.

That doesn’t mean they need to be brighter or cheerier, it just means they need to be right. We may all have a psychological reaction to certain colors but we’re still different people with different tastes. What affects one person one way, may affect someone else another way. Once we know what works best for us, we can start creating an environment we always feel good in. And since no one, and we mean no one, has a selection as large and varied as we do, finding what works best for you is easy. Spend some time going through the many collections on our site and you’ll find hundreds of different possibilities.

Much like colors, the style and patterns we choose also shape the way we feel when we’re in our bedroom. Think about how you feel waking in a small town bed and breakfast as opposed to a modern hotel room. One or the other is not bad, it’s just different. Modern art and bold patterns may leave you invigorated and charged up, the antique feel and heritage-inspired decor of a quaint inn may leave you totally at peace with a calm, positive approach to the day. Patterns and style have a similar impression on us. Create the right one and you gain an advantage each and every day.

Another quick change we can make is to improve the comfort of our bedding. It’s amazing how many people are sleeping to half their potential because of something so small and easily resolved as the wrong fabric or the wrong temperature. The one thing the modern world did give us was lots of options so finding the right bedding is easier than ever. From cool linen to toasty down, once you discover the right comfort zone, everything you do in it is much more enjoyable.

There are other factors besides these to consider of course. Maybe you appreciate the streamlined and simplistic two pillows two sheets type of approach. Or maybe you believe the bed should be presented to you as a royal treasure each evening with luxurious shams and decorative pillows awaiting you. Both are beneficial as long as they work for you.

An added bonus is the pride you will feel at how amazing your room looks. How many of us keep the door to our bedroom shut when company comes? The next time someone stops by, you’ll want to swing that door wide open and make sure they walk by so they can admire the special sanctuary you’ve created. (SLM_canton-gray.jpg)

Whatever style, colors or special factors you choose, the most important thing is that you create a place where the world feels right, no matter how fast, how technological and how stressful it can be; a place where you feel safe and secure, where you can find peace and reprieve and where it always feels like home. Within a few days of living in this type of environment, you’ll notice the benefits instantly. You’ll sleep better, be able to relax a little easier and wake up with a happier, more optimistic approach to whatever the modern world has in store.