Choosing bathroom towels

Getting your towels right can turn a nice bathroom into one that is luxurious. They should be functional, and they should look attractive. Loads of different options exist depending on exactly what you are looking for, but this wide range makes it hard to choose, particularly if you are buying luxury towels. So, what do you need to know when you are choosing bathroom towels, and what should you look out for?

Types Of Towel

The main differences between different types of towel are the fabric, the weight and the design. Luxury towels are usually made from Turkish or Egyptian cotton. This type of fabric is very absorbent, strong, durable and breathable. They have extra long fibers that feel elegantly soft to the touch and which soak up the water from your skin.

Schweitzer Terry features long loops for extra luxury and absorbency

Schweitzer Terry features long loops for extra luxury and absorbency

You can also get cotton towels made from fabric that originates in other countries as well as waffle-weave cotton towels. This type of towel has a textured surface and is lightweight while still being absorbent.


Marque. Made in Portugal of a marvelous 500 g/m2 pure White cotton with a deep waffle weave.

The materials used in the luxury towel range at Schweitzer Linen come from Portugal and Italy as well as Turkey and Egypt, so you can be sure they are high quality.


Tassels. Embroidered on luxurious White cotton 600 g/m2 terry meticulously made in Italy with taped edges.

Weight is another important factor to consider when buying bathroom towels. It is measured in GSM which stands for grams per square meter (g/m2). Towels with a higher GSM are heavier and are more absorbent. Some of the Turkish cotton towels in our range are 800 GSM, which is ultra-luxurious.


Classic 800. An abundantly plush, super absorbent collection from Turkey are made of 100% cotton terry, 800 g/m2. They feature decoratively ribbed flat-weave panels at both ends.

Towels with a lower GSM are not as absorbent, but they are lighter to carry which makes them more suitable for travelling, going swimming, or going to the gym.

Finally towels are also distinguished by their design. This includes everything from white towels to solid colors to embroidery. You can also get appliqués, sculpted jacquard motifs, and more. Your choice will depend on the style and design of your bathroom.


Lisbon. Luxurious jacquard weave towels from Portugal are richly textured with an elegant combination of wide ribs and bands of flowering beauty. Made exclusively for us of 100% Egyptian cotton terry, 600 g/m2.


Americana. Featuring Red bourdon stitching on plush 600 g/m2 White cotton terry with Navy Blue appliquéd stripes. Finely crafted in Italy.

How To Choose Bathroom Towels?

Here are some things that you should consider when looking for new towels for your bathroom:

Quality – this is incredibly important as you will want the towels to last a long time. Look for features like taped edges to reduce fraying, and combed cotton. Combed cotton means the small fibers of the cotton are removed so that shredding is reduced.
Absorbency – if you want a towel that dries you quickly, you should get one with a high absorbency, but there are other considerations. For example, towels with high absorbency take longer to dry. Also, towels that have high absorbency are usually physically heavier so are practical for your home bathrooms, but not to take out of the house.
Drying Time – following on from the previous point, drying time should factor into your considerations. For example, a hand towel should be absorbent but it should also dry quickly, ready for the next person to use. Quick drying towels are handy for things like beach excursions, but are less important in your master bathroom.
Design – finally look at the style that you want to achieve in your bathroom. White towels have a hotel chic that works in just about any situation. You can also choose a contrasting color, or one that matches your tiles. Or you can use patterns such as floral designs for a country bathroom feel, or stripes for a more modern look.


Hampton Court. Classic 3-line Embroidery on 100% Egyptian Cotton Terry. Imported from Italy.

Very Cherry. 100% Turkish cotton terry is as legendary as the beauty of richly embroidered cherry blossoms. 600 g/m2, nicely taped all around.

Very Cherry. 100% Turkish cotton terry is as legendary as the beauty of richly embroidered cherry blossoms. 600 g/m2, nicely taped all around.

The right towels can transform a bathroom and at the same time make you feel pampered, so you should take the time to make the right choice.