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Window Shopping with a Purpose

17 June 2015
Knowing the value of a product and doing your homework is not only important when making large purchases like a car, furniture or antiques, but...
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Choosing bathroom towels

5 June 2015
Getting your towels right can turn a nice bathroom into one that is luxurious. They should be functional, and they should look attractive. Loads of...
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Daywear and more

17 November 2014
Day and Night Transition your look from casual days to sophisticated evenings with elegant tops from our Daywear Collection. You may not want to cover...
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50+ Shades of Gray

18 September 2013
Sexier than black and not as innocent as white, let’s explore the many shades of gray!  It’s subtle, tranquil, cool and easy to mix with...
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

10 September 2013
When we revamped the Schweitzer Linen website one of our goals was to get better acquainted with our customers through social media, our blog and...
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