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The Look For Less

11 December 2014
Schweitzer Linen sells luxurious lifestyles for less than our counterparts. One of the reasons we collect antiques is because they are works of art and...
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Boulle Antiques

4 November 2014
Boulle Antiques If you are looking to start an antique collection you can now look to Schweitzer Linen as a source for one-of-a-kind pieces which...
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Antique French Mantel Clock

23 June 2014
Every year we spend several weeks photographing the Schweitzer Linen Fall catalog which showcases our new product line for the coming year. We spend month’s...
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French Bronze Clock

18 March 2014
We came across this original clock in France at a home of a very old lady and found its detailed work depicting the Greek God...
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