50 Years of Changing Lives

We started this brand fifty years ago because we believed in the importance of a good nights sleep and the positive effect the right fabrics, style and color can have on a room and its inhabitants. It didn’t take long to discover what we were doing meant so much more.

Using the finest, softest linens and the most inspiring designs, we helped our customers create environments that added more happiness and joy into their everyday lives. With the right bedding, they were able to achieve that beautiful moment of pure clarity and contentment we are all searching for in a world of non-stop noise and stressors. And as time went on, our belief in the power of changing one’s environment to lead a better, more fulfilling life became stronger and stronger. Science and research agreed. Colors can change moods, comfort can create happiness and starting off each day in a more positively charged setting will most likely add a more optimistic feel to each and every moment–resulting in a higher quality of life.

After 50 years of comforting, energizing and delighting our customers, we consider ourselves the luckiest brand in the world to have helped so many people find happiness and peace in their everyday routines–and we look forward to helping so many more.