50 Years of Calm

Picture this. The softest linen sheets with creamy smooth ruffles, plush pillows cast upon soothing tones, all mirrored with light graceful wisps of hand stitched lace. Now breathe…For fifty years we’ve been creating rooms that instill the perfect calm.

Building cozy environments that make us feel like there is no other place we’d rather be. Because home should be the one place we feel completely at ease. It’s our personal sanctuary where we can refresh, recharge and be completely and utterly ourselves. When we experience these deep feelings of peace and contentment, it serves as a daily reminder to live in the moment and savor every second. And by creating a setting that feels calming and soothing, that’s just want you’ll want to do. And since everyone deserves to experience this level of true downtime, Schweitzer Linen offers a myriad of luxuriant fabrics, feel-good colors and peace-inducing designs to keep you at your best, physically, mentally and spiritually.