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Sets of Colors

Linen Napkins

Schweitzer Linen offers an extensive collection of exquisite napkins designed for gracious dining and elegant entertainment, including special occasions, holiday times, and celebrated events like wedding receptions. All are made of the finest fabrics:like pristine 100% pure White Italian linen, luxurious 1060 thread count Egyptian cotton damask and luminous 500 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen from Italy, lush linen damask floral weave from Czechoslovakia, crisp cotton piqué from Portugal. Many are magnificently detailed with the artistry of hand craftsmanship in appliqué, embroidery, hemstitching, centuries-old cutwork, delicate lacework, shadow stitching and more. Customized napkins and monogrammed napkins are also available at Schweitzer Linen.
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The extravagant beauty created by skillfully handcrafted open cutwork is at its most elegant on this luxurious Italian linen tablecloth. From the paisley swirls to the exquisitely cut flowers, the glorious centerpiece, edge and corner motifs are all truly works of art. Imported in White,...
Reg. $ 700 - $ 2,100
Sale $ 400 - $ 1,490


Simple, timeless elegance of pure linen hemstitched tablecloths, napkins and placemats, are handcrafted in ltaly. Available in White or Cream, promising to enhance your most elegant dining affairs.
Reg. $ 160 - $ 475
Sale $ 105 - $ 375


Splendor from the past, incredibly complex cutwork and hand embroidery on finest Italian linen creates a look of lavish luxury for your most elegant entertaining. Imported in majestic White on White tablecloths, placemats and napkins, all exhibit crafts­manship achieved only by...
Reg. $ 130 - $ 1,300
Sale $ 75 - $ 875

Holly Days Table LinensHolly Days Table Linens

Let the festivities begin with elegance designed to set a new holiday tradition. Hand-embroidered with boughs of holly and bows in Green and Red, these entertaining tablecloths, placemats, napkins, cocktail napkins, runners, and doilies are beautifully made of the finest White...
Reg. $ 40 - $ 675
Sale $ 30 - $ 500


With all the eloquence of an engraved dinner invitation, 100% pure linen is hand embroidered with an inspired arrangement of exquisite flowers amid shadow-stitched vines and delicate insets of lace. Artistically crafted in Italy in White on White, both the tablecloths and napkins display...
Reg. $ 120 - $ 1,000
Sale $ 70 - $ 775

Merry MerryMerry Merry

Just in time for happy holidays, pure White linen woven in Italy is hand-embroidered with a jolly Green tree decorated with merry Red bulbs and a glittery Gold star, above a snowy scroll. Full of charm, these imported tablecloths, runners, placemats, napkins, cocktail napkins, and doilies...
Reg. $ 40 - $ 675
Sale $ 30 - $ 500

Breton Table LinensBreton Table Linens

Damask, Linen
One of the most honored designs of all time, the classic satin band is loomed for the ages in White or Beige 100% linen damask. True to tradition, the tablecloths reveal the unpretentious elegance of subtly woven wide borders and center motif. The ample beige napkins are bordered to match.
Reg. $ 170 - $ 500
Sale $ 110 - $ 360
Special Close-out prices. NOTE: Some items may have limited availability in colors and/or sizes.

Hampton Court TooHampton Court Too

Linen tablecloths and napkins adorned with an elegant three-line embroidery motif and neatly hemstitched for a classical, modern simplicity of design and functionality. Imported from Italy in White, Pink, Red, Yellow, Green, Beige, Blue or Light Blue embroidery on pure 100% White linen.
Reg. $ 200 - $ 700
Sale $ 140 - $ 600
Close. $ 100 - $ 400


Like a sumptuous feast on your table, pure White 100% linen from Italy displays an astonishing array of Ecru or White hand embroidery. Beautifully done, stitch by stitch. Still there is more to relish: an amazing frame of tiny hemstitched crosses done by hand, on exquisite imported tablecloths,...
Reg. $ 120 - $ 700
Sale $ 70 - $ 475


Because the fine art of subtlety is always de rigueur, White 100% linen woven in Italy, is exquisitely hand-embroidered with graceful sprays of Ivory flowers. Imported, with the added elegance of hand hemstitching, these delicately crafted placemats, napkins, tablecloths, and cocktail...
Reg. $ 80 - $ 500
Sale $ 40 - $ 400
Special Close-out prices. NOTE: Some items may have limited availability in colors and/or sizes.


Cotton, Damask
Softly glowing like a candlelit table, 100% Egyptian cotton damask tablecloths and napkins present your guests with exquisite floral sprays to celebrate the best of times. Imported in muted shades of White, Yellow, Peach or Pink, with finely scalloped edges to complete the elegant motif. Please
Reg. $ 120 - $ 500
Sale $ 95 - $ 400
Close. $ 75 - $ 325
Special Close-out prices. NOTE: Some items may have limited availability in colors and/or sizes.

Sienne Scallops TooSienne Scallops Too

Linen tablecloths and napkins adorned with a splendid chain motif and neatly hemstitched combine classical opulence with modern simplicity of design and functionality. Imported from Italy in White, Beige, Pink or Blue embroidery on pure 100% White linen. NOTE: This item is on final...
Reg. $ 200 - $ 900
Sale $ 140 - $ 650
Close. $ 100 - $ 450

Tahitian SunTahitian Sun

Cotton, Sateen
As carefree as a tropical paradise, this gorgeous floral print invites lively con­versation for brunch, lunch, garden parties and casual dining. Made in Italy of sunlit White Egyptian cotton sateen, in vibrant colors as shown, these exciting tablecloths, placemats and napkins are...
Reg. $ 100 - $ 270
Sale $ 60 - $ 170


Whether bachelor host or lady of the manse, all who seek the niceties of life will covet the refined design of these imported tablecloths, placemats and generously sized napkins. Made of White 100% linen woven in Italy, they feature trios of carefully hand-crafted hemstitched rows in Green,...
Reg. $ 125 - $ 350
Sale $ 80 - $ 240


Damask, Linen
An abundance of graciousness is woven into our imported 100% linen damask tablecloths, made in Europe with a glorious arrangement of full-blooming chrysanthemums. Lovely in White or Yellow, with generously sized napkins and placemats to match, the drape and luster of the linen grows ever...
Reg. $ 180 - $ 450
Sale $ 100 - $ 260

Tre MonteTre Monte

For gracious entertaining, fine White linen woven in Italy serves up the most necessary accessories with hand-worked triple scallops and eyelet detail. Choose doilies to fit your every need, cocktail napkins for happy hour and party times, placemats and napkins for brunch, lunch and dinner...
Reg. $ 39 - $ 150
Sale $ 30 - $ 108


Pure linen, imported, is intricately scalloped and hand embroidered with a dotted Swiss motif. Placemats, napkins and cocktail napkins will festively adorn your most cherished affairs. Available in Blue, Pink, White, Green or Beige on White.
Reg. $ 95 - $ 210
Sale $ 60 - $ 150

Coq au VinCoq au Vin

With the appealing charm of a Parisian café, delightful roosters francaise are embroidered by hand, with great expertise, on White 100% linen woven in Italy. Imported in the colors shown, these entertaining tablecloths, napkins, placemat sets and cocktail napkins are beautifully...
Reg. $ 120 - $ 900
Sale $ 70 - $ 700


Damask, Linen
The classic elegance of pure 100% linen damask in White, reveals an exquisitely fine scroll motif with every flicker of candlelight. Imported from Europe, with matching placemats and napkins sized for comfort and indulgence, to set a table that accommodates even the most discerning guest.
Reg. $ 140 - $ 450
Sale $ 75 - $ 260

Roma Table LinensRoma Table Linens

To create a stunning setting for your most elegant china and your A-list guests, exquisite hand-embroidery outlines gorgeous cut-work scrolls and scalloped edging on these very special imported tablecloths, napkins, placemats and cocktail napkins. All impeccably crafted of White...
Reg. $ 60 - $ 750
Sale $ 40 - $ 525


The extraordinary beauty of centuries old cutwork, hand embroidery and hemstitching, is expertly crafted for today'’s aficionados on crisp 100% Italian linen. True to tradition in White on White, majestic swirls and floral medallions give these imported tablecloths and napkins all...
Reg. $ 110 - $ 795
Sale $ 65 - $ 550

Palm BeachPalm Beach

Designed to transport your guests to an idyllic place in their minds, lovely seashells and beach flora are skillfully embroidered by hand on fine White Italian linen. Imported in matching tablecloths, placemats and napkins in the colors shown, the expert tailoring is finessed with refined...
Reg. $ 130 - $ 1,200
Sale $ 75 - $ 725

King's WayKing's Way

To the manor born, finest 100% linen woven in Italy, is sensitively hand-embroidered with the exquisite subtlety of a White or Ecru scroll motif on White. Fastidiously framed with intricate hemstitching, these imported tablecloths, napkins, placemat sets and cocktail napkins lend an...
Reg. $ 120 - $ 975
Sale $ 75 - $ 750


Looking very like an ancestral heirloom, 100% Italian linen is hand-embroidered and hemstitched with such artistry and skill, these magnificent tablecloths, napkins and cocktail napkins may well become heirlooms of tomorrow. Imported in White with White or Ecru embroidery to honor...
Reg. $ 120 - $ 1,000
Sale $ 70 - $ 775

Verona Table LinensVerona Table Linens

The singular beauty of hemstitching, patiently crafted by hand, will be appreciated by your most discerning guests. Presented here on fine Italian linen in freshest White, it makes an elegant statement about your own discernment. Imported, in tablecloths, placemats, napkins and cocktail...
Reg. $ 80 - $ 500
Sale $ 40 - $ 395
Special Close-out prices. NOTE: Some items may have limited availability in colors and/or sizes.


Cotton, Damask
Softly glowing like a candlelit table, 100% Egyptian cotton damask tablecloths and napkins present your guests with exquisite floral sprays to celebrate the best of times. Imported in muted shades of Green, Pink, Sky Blue, Taupe, or White with finely scalloped edges to complete the elegant...
Reg. $ 200 - $ 500
Sale $ 130 - $ 400
Close. $ 100 - $ 325

Floral EssenceFloral Essence

Damask, Linen
Formal dining and entertaining enchants and impresses friends, filling the host with pride and pleasure. Floral damask tablecloths and napkins are underlined with subtle pin dots reflecting ultimate sophistication to ensure that every dining affair is a complete success. Imported...
Reg. $ 140 - $ 420
Sale $ 80 - $ 240

Jardin D'AmourJardin D'Amour

The most graceful flowers you can pick for your table are hand embroidered in Yellow on tall, willowy stems in two shades of Green. Carefree in spirit but carefully done, the beauty of these imported tablecloths, napkins and placemat sets are presented on a field of White 100% Italian linen,...
Reg. $ 120 - $ 1,100
Sale $ 70 - $ 850


Linen, Silk
For all who savor the satisfaction of elegant dining, this 100% pure Italian linen calmly sets the mood. Imported tablecloths, placemats and napkins in White with the refined, pure silk thread hand embroidery of leafy crescents, sprinklings of dots, and scallops-formed by mini scallops-all...
Reg. $ 265 - $ 675
Sale $ 160 - $ 525

Monte CatiniMonte Catini

Cotton, Linen
As inspired as a delicious confection, fine 100% Italian linen concocts a treat for the eyes with hand-crafted applique on cotton organdy and softly scalloped edges. Imported for your dining pleasure and the delight of your guests, these frosty White placemats, napkins and tablecloths...
Reg. $ 350 - $ 1,100
Sale $ 195 - $ 775

Armonia TableclothArmonia Tablecloth

Damask, Linen
Fit for a royal feast, the exceptional elegance of our 100% linen damask tablecloths and napkins will create a splendid setting for your most honored guests. The discretely woven floral motif is as subtle as the candle glow that brings it to life. A very special Italian import, in White or Ivory.
Reg. $ 390 - $ 850
Sale $ 290 - $ 650


The essence of 100% snowy White linen with hemstitched Ivory borders is understated elegant dining and entertaining. Woven for centuries by master weavers in Italy for quality and enduring beauty.
Reg. $ 260 - $ 365
Sale $ 160 - $ 270

Chateau Blanc Table ClothChateau Blanc Table Cloth

The intrinsic elegance of 100% pure linen from Italy celebrates the expert artisanry of magnificent hand-drawn hemstitched inserts. A most impressive tablecloth for impressive occasions, this exceptional import is available with matching placemats and napkins of equal elegance.
Reg. $ 275 - $ 700
Sale $ 175 - $ 475

Royal BotanicaRoyal Botanica

Of all the flowers you could pick for elegant table settings, the delicate arrangement on our exquisite White Italian linen tablecloth and napkins may well be the most admired by guests. Hand-embroidered on gracefully scalloped sheer inserts, the Pink shadow-stitched blossoms are as...
Reg. $ 350 - $ 1,100
Sale $ 195 - $ 775

Royale TableclothsRoyale Tablecloths

Elegance of incredible beauty is displayed by these 100% pure Italian linen, White tablecloths and napkins. Imported.  Hemstitching, open-cut work and embroidery - all hand done - create the perfect setting for lavish gatherings or intimate get-togethers. Truly something to be...
Reg. $ 290 - $ 790
Sale $ 190 - $ 690

Atelier TableAtelier Table

A great conversation piece for your guests, unique inserts of Grey lace with the look of macramé are beautifully presented on crisp White Italian linen. Made in Italy for your entertaining pleasure, these fascinating tablecloths, placemats and generously sized napkins will bring...
Reg. $ 280 - $ 775
Sale $ 195 - $ 540


Damask, Linen
As scintillating as brilliant dinner conversation, 55% linen and 45% cotton damask is woven in an oversized paisley of tulips and leaves, revealing new shades of meaning with every flicker of candlelight. Made in Italy, in Sandstone, the exquisite tablecloths and matching napkins eloquently...
Reg. $ 260 - $ 360
Sale $ 160 - $ 260


The perfect setting for your A-list guests, be it dinner for the one you love or as many as you like. These very special placemats, napkins and tablecloths are of White 100% linen from Italy. Placemats and napkins are elegantly adorned with hand-drawn spider hemstitching on all four sides.
Reg. $ 240 - $ 600
Sale $ 180 - $ 475


Shining as softly as candlelight, this sumptuous Gold damask tablecloth will cast an enchanting golden glow over your favorite dining experiences. Made of finest Egyptian cotton from Italy, the magnificent floral motif is complemented by a fastidious border of handcrafted hemstitching.
Reg. $ 375 - $ 475
Sale $ 240 - $ 350


Cotton, Damask, 1000+
Ageless ribbon and bow damask glistens luxuriously on pure 1060 thread count Egyptian cotton tablecloths and napkins. Imported from Italy in White, Blush, Ivory, Mint Green, or Smoke Blue with soft scalloped edges.
Reg. $ 280 - $ 470
Sale $ 190 - $ 340


An inviting way to welcome favored guests to your table, 100% pure linen is hand embroidered and shadow-stitched with winning checkerboard squares. Imported placemats and amply sized napkins, hemstitched by hand, are available in White with Blue, Pink, Beige or White.
Reg. $ 200 - $ 200
Sale $ 120 - $ 120

St. GermaineSt. Germaine

A feast for discerning eyes, finest pure White linen from Italy is skillfully adorned with extravagant inserts of stunning hand-drawn thread work, creating intricate and intriguing patterns of rare beauty. Imported, for hosts who seek the very best for very special guests and occasions,...
Reg. $ 400 - $ 1,125
Sale $ 250 - $ 745


The fragile beauty of a butterfly is magnificently captured in handcrafted cutwork embroidery, one of the most honored needle arts of all time. Adding to the heirloom quality of these 100% Italian linen placemat sets and cocktail napkin sets is a hand-worked border of toothpick hemstitching.
Reg. $ 90 - $ 350
Sale $ 60 - $ 195


Cotton, Damask, Linen
The soft candle glow of luxurious cotton yarn-dyed damask, woven with vintage floral medallions in shades of Gray, gives pristine White Italian linen a taste of royal lineage. Superbly made in Italy, in tablecloths, placemats and napkins, all are crafted with old-world care, to treat your...
Reg. $ 265 - $ 700
Sale $ 165 - $ 475

Port Royal Table LinensPort Royal Table Linens

Likely to be the most enchanting flower arrangement you could pick for your table is this stunning array of delicate Blue blossoms, embroidered by hand with infinite care. Made of pure White Italian linen, inspired tailoring adds precious hand-embroidered edges of mini scallops. Imported,...
Reg. $ 350 - $ 950
Sale $ 240 - $ 720


Conveying an air of festivity that will cheer your guests, tiers of scalloped tulle lace embroidered with mini scallops and flowers are like icing on cake. Delicious embellishment for tablecloths and napkins of freshest 100% linen. Tastefully designed in Italy, to have in White on White.
Reg. $ 400 - $ 400
Sale $ 300 - $ 300


Like the lingering satisfaction of a pleasant repast, our imported placemats and napkins make a lasting impression. Exquisitely hand-embroidered with Green or White ivy scrolls on fine White linen from Italy, each piece is carefully hemstitched by hand, creating a veritable feast for...
Reg. $ 240 - $ 240
Sale $ 140 - $ 140


Destined to become a treasured heirloom, this imported 100% linen placemat is surrounded by an Organdy stream where the embroidered flowers and petals of traditional open cut-work float by as if on a gentle summers day. Hand made with matching napkins featuring a hand embroidered floral...
Reg. $ 300 - $ 300
Sale $ 195 - $ 195
Showing items: 1 - 52 of 52


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